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Connect, Learn, and Give in 60 Minutes

Time is precious and it’s easy to feel like there just isn’t enough of it. But a lot can happen in just an hour. Enough to make a difference in your ministry. That’s why we give you an opportunity just about every week with the Leader’s Call so that you can pack in some nuggets […]

Closing service of praise and prayer.

Five Things We Learned at ENERGIZE

Get a bunch of youth leaders together and it’s guaranteed that someone’s gonna get wet, voices are gonna get lost, and things are gonna blow up. Yes, blow up. And we’re not just talking about blown minds. ENERGIZE 2013 was a blast. Literally. (Read on to the end to find out what we mean!) As […]


Making The Choice

It was in October of 2012 that Maio Baiocco began a 40-day condition of daily study of the Divine Principle. Through this process, she says she became aware of a general need among Unificationists to have a deeper personal understanding of God’s “First Blessing,” that is, to “Be fruitful” (Genesis 1:28). This revelation inspired her […]

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Featured File: Pocket Devotionals

Free Downloads! Located on the File Exchange   Today’s Featured File: Pocket Devotionals Uploaded by Michael Hentrich, Pastor, Colorado Family Church A three-part series containing excerpts of Father’s words. Wisdom True Love Marriage and Family Life After Death Formatted into easy-to-read “bite sized” portions, Unificationists can use these for inspirational daily readings, hook-dok-hwe practice, or study […]

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8 Ways To Be A More Approachable Leader

Some people are like magnets. They’re likeable. They’re helpful. They’re resourceful. People are drawn to them for advice or just for friendly conversation. Some people are like the plague. Okay, sorry, that’s a bit severe. But some folks are avoided now and then. We’re not talking scary bad breath here, but rather those people that […]

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Your Impact Just Got Greater

You’ve heard it before. You can make a difference. You can change the world. You can save lives. You can do anything. And for a moment or two, you’re charged with inspiration! You see yourself really doing it…making a difference, changing the world, saving lives. You get this vision of yourself on top of the […]