Summer Fun- July!

5 Idea's for this Summer1. The Gauntlet: Messy, wet, and ridiculous activities!Submitted by the Maryland Youth Ministry2. Summer Olympics: 6 Olympic style games for your youth to have tons of fun! 3. GOlympics: Month-long sporting competition for middle and high school youth,Submitted by Ray Burns from the NJ Youth Ministry4. Color Powder Fight:  A mix of king of the hill and the color run!Submitted by Tamami Okano from the Worcester Youth Ministry5. Abajathon: All day competition celebrating Cheon Il GukSubmitted by Emily Zochol and Camp SunriseIt's the end of the year and it's time to … [Read more...]

Expanding with Love

What does expand mean?Understand why we should reach outPractice intentional and natural witnessingBe an example of the Divine Principle in daily lifeHow can your staff help your youth expand?Invite one of YOUR friends to church/youth groupHang out with one of your youth and their friends on neutral turfChallenge on of your youth to bring a friend to church/youth groupPublicly recognize efforts to expand by your youthClarification: Evangelism includes friends who aren't in our church and friends we haven't seen in a while!Level 1: Why Reach Out?Activities that  focus on the attitude behind … [Read more...]

Let’s Get Involved!

What does Contribute mean?Discover your gifts and passionsPlug into the big picture and larger communityAllow God to call you and work through youHow can your staff help the youth contribute?Spotlight a significant story from one of your youthServe together with a group of youthMake a space for a youth to use their talents in Youth MinistryFind a way for a youth to serve the congregation What does it look like?Here are some activities to help get your youth contributing!What's the Deal?Activities that focus on introducing Contribute from the ToolboxWhy Contribute?: Testimony points on the … [Read more...]

Get Empowered

What does it mean?Practice daily spiritual traditions: prayer, hon dok hae, etc.Discover Divine PrincipleGrow your internal character through available toolsHow can your staff empower the youth?Share about your own healthy spiritual habitsCheck in every week for 1 month to encourage habit developmentDesign inspiring quotes from True Parents to displayRecommend books, articles and readings for personal growthHere are some activities that will help empower your youth!Let's Get FamiliarActivities that introduce spiritual practice for beginnersTop 10: A fun way to see what parts of our faith your … [Read more...]

Feeling Inspired

March is all about Feeling Inspired!What does Inspire mean?Develop a personal relationship with GodHave a daily communication with GodRecognize God’s presence in people and experiencesIdentify what distracts us and gets in the way of connecting with GodBe excited about who God isTake responsibility for your relationship with GodHow can your staff help the youth get Inspired?Create a personalized God PlaylistGive a Prayer/God JournalPray for a youth out loud with themMake a Reminder Band/Bracelet for GodHere are some activities to help get your youth Inspired!Getting to Know God: Resources for … [Read more...]

Making Connections

February is all about making connections! Here are some ideas to help forge bonds on all levels!DP Curriculum:Universal Prime EnergyGive & Take ActionLet's Have Fun!!Games for new friends who just want to enjoy themselvesYouth Group Memes: Celebrate the silliest photos from youth groupMake Me Stick: Use the power of Duck tape to stick a kid to the wall!Jump in, Jump Out: Who knew simple instructions could be so difficult to follow and yet so funny!Getting ComfortableActivities focused on getting to know you and the groupName Toss: Here's a fun way to practice each other's name and stay on … [Read more...]

Starting Strong

The end of the year is right around the corner, so it's time to get geared up for the new year!Here are some idea's to help with the reflection and goal setting process, along with some fun ways to kick off the new year! DP CurriculumOriginal Internal Nature & External FormThe Relationship Between God & The UniverseSetting GoalsSo you've had your youth set goals for the new year.... how do you help them actually accomplish these goals?Check out: Keeping Yourself AccountableReflecting on the Past YearLooking for a creative way to reflect on your spiritual life this past year? Have your … [Read more...]

Launching the Blog!

Hey Awesome Youth Pastors,Here are some featured resources and activities for this week!Featured Activity:  Prayer MosaicUse colored papers to focus your prayer and create a group mosaic. See the full explanation here: DP Curriculum: First 2 lessons of Dual Characteristics (Please comment with your feedback!!)[These are being developed by myself and with the help of a team of DP Guru 1st Gen Mentors. These are by no means final, but my hope is that you will try these in the field and give me your feedback! Let me know what works and what needs … [Read more...]