Color Powder Fight

paint paint2

  1. Use the basic rules of King of the Hill with rock, paper, scissors to replace tagging.
  2. Split the group into two teams, and give two colors for each team.
  3. Give each person a white t-shirt.
  4. Give each team 5 pool noodles.
  5. The point of the game is to score the most points.
  6. You  score points by staying in the “score zone” for 30 seconds with a pool noodle.
    • Two score zones on either side of the field, and one in the middle of the field for everyone
  7. If people challenged you to a game of rock paper scissors and you lost then you had to leave that score zone.
  8. To challenge someone to a game you had to hit them with the paint powder.
  9. Additionally, there was one score zone in the center of the field for both teams.
  10. Play multiple games of 5-10 minutes and allow for tons of chaos and fun!

Paint Powder Recipe:

  • Ingredients: Cornstarch and Food Coloring
  • Determine how much powder you want for each color and place that amount in separate bowls.
  • Slowly add 5-10 drops of food coloring to 1 cup of cornstarch.
  • Mix, this takes some elbow grease. The Cornstarch will become hard and lump together, but use utensils to smash it until it crumbles. 
  • Let the powder dry overnight, you can place it on a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper or in a plastic bag and leave it open.
    If you find the dried powder is clumpy, run it a few times in a blender/food processor

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