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GOlympics was submitted by Ray Burns & the NJ Youth Ministry

GOlympics Vision

  • Focus on the beauty of sports: teamwork, pure emotions, competing, giving 100% etc.
  • Restore the ugly of sports: bad sportsmanship, big egos competing with each other, putting each other down, etc.
  • Create a culture that represents sports the way God would see them
  • Get the girls just as involved as the boys
  • Create an environment where people cheer for the other team when they lose a hard game

What is GOlympics:

  • GOlympics is a month-long sporting competition for middle schoolers and high schoolers involved in youth ministry.
  • During this time everyone involved in youth ministry is split into teams that each have 2 captains (1 boy and 1 girl).
  • We have 4 High School Teams and 4 Middle School Teams.
  • Each team competes against each other in 4 different sports: Frisbee, Soccer, Kickball, and Volleyball.
  • The tournament is set up one month after everyone is in their teams, and the captains are responsible for:
    • Training and setting up practices for their team every Saturday when we gather for youth ministry
    • Coming up with a name for their team, a team color, making their flag, and making uniforms for each of their kids
    • Encouraging everyone to get involved and making sure a heavenly attitude is being practiced while playing sports

The Day of the Tournament:

Make sure to have a nice park to play in, plenty of water, a big first aid kit, foghorn, whistles, and prizes.
Here’s an example of the Tournament Schedule: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BxHP3jSZHVffWlg3Mm9YbGhhZTQ/view?usp=sharing

Prizes are awarded for the winning team, best flag, and best overall spirit.

General Rules:

  • Only 2 staff playing at a time. (1 boy 1 girl staff (MAX))
  • Whistle-blowing:
    • 2 long whistles means 1st half start/2nd half start
    • 1 long whistle means 1 minute until start, 1 minute until half time, 1 minute until of game.
    • 2 long whistles 1st half over/Game over
    • Game ends as soon as sound is made, not until sound ends
  • Ref ruling is final. Support ref!
    • If there is a severe discrepancy talk to ref calmly on side away from kids
    • Don’t get kids involved.
  • Do-Overs do not exist.
  • Once game ends move to your next location and then take break there.
  • If the ball or frisbee goes into the street at any time, a captain or staff must go to retrieve it.
  • Official bathroom break is at GOlympics half time: 3:45. If a kid HAS to go before halftime, they can come to HQ and if there are enough kids we will drive them. If not, a staff member can walk with them back to the church. Encourage kids to wait until half time because games will not wait for kids or staff to come back.
    • If you are a ref, you shouldn’t be walking kids.
  • Everyone MUST WEAR SHOES during games. No exceptions. This rule is in effect because many kids will be wearing cleats.


Points will be given out by a win/lose/tie ratio.
Win = 2 points
Tie = 1 point
Loss = 0 points


  • 7 v 7  
  • Game is 30 minutes + 5 minute half time
  • Frisbee does not have to be caught at the start of each point (the pull)
  • Stall count is up to 10.
  • Defenders must be 2 disk spaces away from the thrower
    • It is important to enforce on your own team and let captain for other team know if opposing team isn’t following this rule
  • The players can “travel” but they cannot move from their spot
  • No calling picks
  • Subbing occurs in between points
  • When whistle is blown for both half time or ending the game the frisbee should be dropped immediately and round/game is over. For time reasons, no playing the point
    • If frisbee is in the air when whistle is blown it can still be caught by offense for a point.
  • After half time other team pulls (team on defense for first pull is now on offense.).
  • Captains should keep track of 5 minute half time and be ready to start 2nd half on time when whistle will be blown
  • If frisbee enters kick ball field wait to retrieve it between pitches.
  • If frisbee enters soccer field you are responsible to get it immediately, don’t expect soccer player to throw it back (they may, but don’t expect)
  • Keep time between points brief.
  • Unofficially there should be 3 girls on the field at all times. This means you should encourage the girls to play as much as the boys but if it’s not possible that’s “ok”.
  • There is no ref for frisbee, it is up to captains to enforce rules. For example 2 disc spaces away from offensive player holding frisbee.
  • All other general rules apply


  • 9 v 9
  • Game is 30 minutes + 5 minute half time
  • no goalie-small goals
  • When the ball goes out of bounds, you must throw it in with two hands over your head but your feet can lift from the ground
  • Goals have to be ground level, no higher than the cone.
  • Offside’s are allowed
  • If cone is knocked over during goal attempt, it is not a goal even if it rolls into goal after. It will be considered out of bounds.
  • Before game starts (latest at 1 minute mark) 1 team captain from each team will do rock paper scissors. The winner will decide either offense or defense for opening kick OR which side of the field they want for opening kick. Loser gets choice for whichever winner doesn’t choose. For example if winner chooses to be on offense, loser can choose which side is their goal. If winner chooses which side they want, loser can choose to be on offense or defense.  
  • Subbing can occur at any time during game (not only during breaks). However, new player cannot enter field until other player is out of bounds. They must tag in.
  • If soccer ball enters kickball field, retrieve it between pitches,  not during a play.
  • If soccer ball enters frisbee field you are responsible to get it immediately, don’t expect frisbee player to kick it back. (they may, but don’t expect it).
  • Make sure that kids that are not in play are not standing on the playing field
  • All other general rules apply (there’s a ref)


  • No stealing, No leading, No Tagging up
  • Game is 35 minutes, no half time
  • No walking (unlimited balls)
  • Runners cant run when the pitcher has the ball
  • If out is unclear, ref will always make call in favor of runner
  • Everyone on defense is on the field the whole time.
  • Team must kick in order (no batting out of order)
  • Pegging is allowed, but headshots do not count
  • 3 outs per round
  • Teams can score a max of 7 points per inning.
    • If they reach 7 points, it immediately switches even if there are players still on bases
  • If the ball is kicked and lands in the frisbee field or beyond the cones, it is an automatic home run. It is not eligible to be caught in the frisbee field or beyond the cones. However if it rolls into frisbee field or beyond the cones it is still in play
  • If there is less than 5 minutes left in game. DO NOT start a new inning. (You can start 2nd half of inning, just don’t start a whole new one)
  • Ref will determine if the pitch is good or not.
    • Good= not bouncy and a fair speed, consistent for each player
    • Before game starts pitchers from each team should demonstrate pitches to ref for clarification.
  • Rock paper scissors between captains at the beginning of the game. Winner chooses if they want offense or defense first
  • For time efficiency have batting order decided in advance and try to have a quick turn around between offense and defense
  • If soccer ball or frisbee enters the field, the game does not stop in the middle of a play. The frisbee or soccer player will retrieve ball between pitches.
  • All other general rules apply (there’s a ref)

Volleyball Rules

  • 9 vs 9
  • Quick Rock Paper Scissors between Captains to pick Side/Ball
  • Three 10min games
  • Switch Sides between games
  • 4 Ace Cap(Rotate after)
  • No obvious catch and throw
  • Net is ok as long as the net itself doesn’t change elevations
  • Rotate from Server position(back right) to Opposite Server(front left) In a S like motion
  • If Serve does not reach the other side server gets a redo, a couple steps in, but only if it is headed toward the right direction.
  • Line is In

Ref Responsibilities

There will be a clipboard at each field with score sheets and schedules

  • Enforce rules
  • Enforce half time for soccer
  • Keep score on score sheet
  • Bring score sheet to HQ at the end of each game
  • Move to your reffing location immediately after your previous game finishes to get acquainted with field and re-fresh on rules
  • If someone gets injured, ref must blow whistle to pause game. Captains should help player off the field and then game will continue.  Send someone to HQ to get first aid.

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