1 Great Minds2 Secrets3 FFWPU4 Truth5 Lots of Solutions6 We Still Seek7 Wisdom8 Dreams9 We Still Wonder10 We Still Search11 Goal12 Success13 Live14 Motive15 Can We Hope16 Can We Reach17 Hearts18 Kingdom of Heaven19 Can We Live20 Will We Open21 Turning Points22 Glorify

Great Minds Graphics Pack


22 high-res digital image files of the artwork created for 43rd Street windows. A great tool for designers who want to  print their own custom sizes.

In this package you get

  1. Great Minds – 9488px x 10500px
  2. Secrets Quote – 7450px x 14000px
  3. DP Life / Family Fed Logo Door Decal- 3863px x 11625px
  4. Truth Quote- 7550px x 14000px
  5. Lots of Solutions – 9600px x 10500px
  6. We Still Seek- 9450px x 10500px
  7. Wisdom Quote – 7550px x 14000px
  8. Dreams Quote- 5550px x 10500px
  9. We Still Wonder- 9442px x 10500px
  10. We Still Search- 9442px x 10500px
  11. Goal Quote – 5707px x 10500px
  12. Success Quote
  13. Live Quote
  14. Motive Quote
  15. Can We Hope
  16. Can We Reach
  17. Hearts Quote
  18. Kingdom of Heaven Quote
  19. Can We Live
  20. Will We Open
  21. Turning Points Quote
  22. Glorify Quote

Hundreds of hours worth of illustration and design in one complete digital package.


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