Summer Fun- July!

5 Idea’s for this Summer

1. The Gauntlet:
Messy, wet, and ridiculous activities!
Submitted by the Maryland Youth Ministry

2. Summer Olympics:
 6 Olympic style games for your youth to have tons of fun! 

3. GOlympics:
 Month-long sporting competition for middle and high school youth,
Submitted by Ray Burns from the NJ Youth Ministry

4. Color Powder Fight: 
A mix of king of the hill and the color run!
Submitted by Tamami Okano from the Worcester Youth Ministry

5. Abajathon:
All day competition celebrating Cheon Il Guk
Submitted by Emily Zochol and Camp Sunrise

It’s the end of the year and it’s time to appreciate your awesome youth ministry staff for all they do!
Thank Your StaffCreative and cheap ways to thank your staff

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