Summer Olympics

Here are 6 fun Olympian style games you can play! 

Javelin Throw: 

  • Have one person from each team play this, or do several rounds.
  • Make sure you have a large field to play in.
  • Have each person throw a PVC pipe as far as they can and record where it lands.
  • Award points accordingly. 

Pool Noodle Hurdles:

  • Have on person from each team play, or play several rounds.
  • Put wooden dowels in the ground on pool noodle width apart (dowels are cheap and can be found in many stores)…. or if you can find enough good sticks that could work too!
  • Attach a pool noodle to the dowels to make hurdles, 4 or 5 hurdles should do the trick.
  • Test out the height of the hurdles to make sure you can actually jump them.
  • Send the players through the course and record the time. Add a one second penalty every time a hurdle is touched.
  • Award points accordingly.

Blindfolded Fencing with Pool Noodles:

  • Have one person per team play per round
  • Have the rest of the youth stand in a circle around the players to protect them from leaving the playing field
  • Blindfold each contestant, give them a pool noodle and let them attack!
  • If a person gets hit they’re out. 
  • Last person standing wins


  • Have one person per team play, or play several rounds
  • There are three parts of the triathalon:
  • Riding a kiddie bike
  • Roll in a kiddie pool 3 times
  • Sprint to the finish line
  • Best time wins.
  • [Make sure you bring towels!]

Target Practice:

  • Have four people play per team
  • Get a water balloon slingshot (target has these) and prepare tons of water balloons.
  • Have 3 youth work together to work the slingshot and have the other student stand a good distance away with a bucket.
  • The object of the game is to have the youth with a bucket catch the water balloons
  • Each water balloon caught counts as one point.
  • You can either put a time limit on it or only give a certain amount of water balloons to each team

Around the World Ping Pong

  • Push the long sides of two tables together so you have a large ping pong table
  • Have as many people as you want play this game, they will represent their team
  • Count off in order 1-2-3-4-5….. etc.
  • The order of game is that 1 serves to 2, 2 hits to 3, 3 hits to 4, etc.
  • Have player 1 and 2 stand at opposite ends of the table as player 1 hits to player 2
  • The game continues until someone doesn’t hit the ball in time and that person is out
  • The ball must bounce once on the table before hitting it, and if it lands on the ground it is out
  • What happens is a circle of running and madness as people try to hit the ball in time
  • When people leave their spot they must leave the paddle on the table so the next person can pick it up
  • Final Round (2 players left): Instead of running to the other side of the table, the two players must drop the paddle and spin around once before picking up the paddle and hitting the ball

For Prizes: Spray paint some small wreaths gold and use them as crowns

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