The Gauntlet

The Gauntlet features tons of messy, wet and ridiculous activities!
Split your your into teams that they will stay in and compete it all night.
Teams will accumulate points throughout the night and at the end you will crown your victors!

Splish, Splish, Splash

  1. It’s Duck, Duck, Goose except with water balloons.
  2. Have everyone sit in a circle and choose one person to start the game off.
  3. This person goes around and says “Splish, Splish….” as they touch the top of each person’s head.
  4. At a random time this person will say “Splash” and smash a water balloon on the head of a person of their choosing.
  5. The person who has been splashed must get up and chase the person who spalshed them around the circle.
  6. If the splashed person tags the person who splashed them before they sit back in the circle, they get to get even and smash a water balloon on them as well.
  7. The game continues until you feel ready to move on to the next game.
  8. Usually 10 rounds or so is good.

Spaghetti-O Spell Off

  1. Give each team a can of spaghetti-o’s
  2. Give them 5 minutes to spell as many words with their noodles as possible
  3. Optional Twists:
    • Extra points for Moonie words
    • Have teams spell the same words, but the first team who spells it correctly wins points

Bubble Gum Chew

  1. Give each person a piece of bubble gum.
  2. Everyone must chew their bubble gum so that they can form it into shapes
  3. Then as a team they must work together to create some picture out of chewed up bubble gum
  4. Choose a winner and award points! 
    • Yes, it’s nasty, but hilarious!

Alka Seltzer Spray

  1. Duck tape an alka seltzer to the forehead of one person from each team (turn the duck tape upside down and make a loop so it acts like double sided tape)
  2. Give each of those people goggles for safety
  3. Have another person from their team ready with a small water gun
  4. When you say go, the object of the game is to spray the alka seltzer with the water gun until it disappears completely
  5. Make sure everyone stands the same distance apart.
    • You want it to be a little bit of a challenge, but not too hard

Balloon Shave

  1. Blow up enough balloons so that each person has their own
  2. Put shaving cream on all of the balloons
  3. In relay format, each person must use a razor to save all of the shaving cream off of the balloon
  4. First team to finish wins
  5. If they pop their balloon they must blow up a new balloon and try again

Butter & Cheerios Face Mask

  1. Find one willing volunteer from each team to smear butter all over their face
  2. The object of the game is to get as many cheerios to stick to their face by the end of 2 minutes
  3. At the end of the time, have each time count the cheerios. The team with the most cheerios wins!

Shaving Cream Up Do

  1.  It’s as simple as it sounds. Give each team a can of shaving cream.
  2. Give them 10 minutes to design a fabulous up-do using one person’s hair and shaving cream.
  3. Choose a winner and award points!

Submitted by the Maryland UC Youth Ministry

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